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The best camera

   When I first started taking photography more seriously and started doing research on the best type of camera out there, within my price range, I read something that stuck with me. Someone said (not me) the best camera out there for you is the one you have with you. I know this sounds a little obvious, but when you think about it, a $10,000 camera with every lens under the sun at home... does not help you now. It's the camera you have with you right now that counts.

It was for this reason that I took back my first DLSR within a few hours of when I got it. As soon as I got out of its box I begin to have doubts if this was the camera for me. I took a few shots but it's reaction time and its size had me looking for my receipt. I knew I wanted a smaller camera, one I could take with me all the time, I knew this was not it. This was why I was so happy to try out Sony's mirrorless cameras. The Sony A 6000 had all the power of a modern DLSR with this size of some point-and-shoot cameras. This was of great camera for me it gave me the exchangeable lenses to fit different scenes and the functionality of a DSLR all in a small package. I cannot wait for my next Sony mirrorless camera!



Protector of souls

   I tend to take a lot of photos in the early morning (middle of the night to some). Often these photos are in a location that looks so normal during the daylight, but in the predawn light it can transform the scene. I remember one time I went out before work to try to capture a few photos before I was locked in my cube for the day that I ran into protector of souls. I was just out taking photos of a field, when I noticed the movement off to my right in the tall weeds. It turned out to be a man living out in the field, he walked over to me and started to talk to me. At first it was the normal what are you taking photos of , what kind of camera is it, do I like taking pictures, and so on. But then he started to tell me of all the dead bodies buried field and how he had been choosen the protector of souls. At about this time, I started to turn my head a little first one way than the other try to see if somebody was running up behind me. This must be some kind of set up. He kept talking and I kept clicking my camera, still checking for anyone behind me. But after a few more photos, I bid him a good day and when on my way thinking wow, thats the first time I talked to a protector of the souls.